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Acumatica - Connected World
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By:  Sheri Blaho

Well things are getting more exciting with  Acumatica in the CS3's product offerings.  We will be joining the Acumatica team in Dallas at the Hotel Joule on Monday, April 13th as part of their Acumatica Connected World.  We want to invite all of you to join us for this morning event where you can learn how to take the competitive advantage with Acumatica's Cloud ERP solution.

Register here and select CS3 as the partner that invited you.  CS3 will giving one of our guests an iPad!

Here is what you can learn at this event:

How you can utilize Cloud ERP to unlock your business potential and drive profitable growth.

How businesses like yours are doing this today.

How your business can accelerate past your competitors using cost effective cloud technology as an enabler.

How Acumatica's Cloud ERP enables you to take control of your business, play to your strengths and empower your people





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