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Accruing PTO with Sage HRMS
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Accruing unused Paid Time Off (Sick, Vacation, Personal, etc.) I am often asked to come up with a way to handle Accruals, especially when I am writing interfaces to General Ledger Systems and the client wants to also automate accruals. Setting up a PTO accrual in your GL is a relatively easy task. Relieving that accrual is not as easy. Often when employees use their PTO, the hours are paid at a different rate of pay than the original accrual and more is relieved from the accrued PTO than was originally set up. Also whenever an employee is given a raise, the PTO accrual already set up for that employee should also increase. Here is an easy way for Abra Suite users who have the attendance module to keep their GL accruals in perfect balance: 1.If you use the Payroll Module, be sure that all payments for PTO get posted to the proper expense accounts and do not touch the accrued PTO in the GL. You also need to reverse all PTO accruals in your GL before you start this method. 2.Create a report from the attendance database (HATSUM) to find the accrued hours for each PTO plan (T_CARRY + T_ACCRUED – T_TAKEN) for each employee. Multiply those hours times the employees rate of pay (HRPERSNL.P_UNITRATE) to come up with the accrual amount. Run this report at each month end to create that months PTO balance. 3.Using the totals on the report, simply post the balances into your GL (Cr Accrued PTO and Dr PTO Expense) as an automatic reversing entry so it will reverse when you process the following months GL. At the end of each month the old entry will reverse and you will post the new balances which reflects where you stand at that time using the proper pay rates. It also adjusts for any adjustments you might have made in the attendance module. If you aren’t using the Sage HRMS Attendance Module, this could be an additional reason to start using it. For more information on this feel free to give me a call. Bill Morrison, Interface Specialist

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