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By: Scott Kroh

The guest speaker for the November Meeting of the Tulsa Chapter of the IMA was John Exline. John is with Clark Investments a private real estate development and investment company based in Wichita, Kansas. Current business interests span 23 states and also include investments in master-planned communities, ethanol production facilities, express car washes, technology companies and various operating businesses. In addition to developing for its own account, Clark also provides capital and expertise to experienced joint-venture partners throughout the United States.

John discussed the history of accounting over the past 500 years and referenced Luca Pacioli’s publication, “ Summa de Arithmetica” which included a 27 page section on bookkeeping. The memo, journal and ledger still in use today were discussed in this publication. Please see  Wikipedia for more information on the history of accounting.

Remember that the IMA Institute of Managerial Accountants  is a resource for CPE credit hours and a great place to meet other accounting professionals in your area.

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