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ACA - Update from Sage
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By:  Sheri Blaho

Hot off the press from Sage Employer Services Division!

Sage's service for ACA reporting and analytics is called My Workforce Analyzer.  Some of you may have already purchased version one of this tool set.  Originally it was designed to provide the necessary analytics to determine your reporting status and analyze your employee full-time-equivalency levels.

A new version will be release in the April or May timeframe and it just rocks.  For those that subscribe to this service you will be glad to know that reporting has been addressed with this new version and it is now a full-fledged module, rather than a service, that will link right into your Sage HR and Sage Payroll data.  You will be grandfathered  in on this new module.

For those of you that have not acquired My Workforce Analyzer, now is the time.  This tool coupled with your Aatrix Tax Service will provide all the necessary reporting for ACA. 

Remember there are still over 20 pending issues in Congress awaiting clarification.  Sage is on the front line for us and will be incorporating appropriate changes to the software as clarifications come through.

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