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ACA - Affordable Care Act - How Sage Can Help
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By:  Sheri Blaho

Having a wonderfully informative class at the Sage HRMS offices in Tampa. There has been a lot of discussions surrounding the Affordable Care Act which came into effect about a year ago. 

One interesting thing that was shared is the fact that as of  today there are 27 issues in Congress pending clarification. Some of these issues make it impossible for a company to meeting the filing requirements.

Sage, along with all the firms that provide employer solutions, is staying front line for all of us. The refinement of My Work Force Anaalyzer, Sage’s ACA Module, continues as information is releaseed.  Regardless, everyone will need to be up and live with a solution in place by the end of the year for the 2016 required reporting.

Sage will be able to handle all three parts of the required 1094-C reporting and the 1095 reporting. They will be releasing a version in late spring that thas even tighter integration with Abra 9.2, Sage 2015 (just out of beta) and Sage 2016 (in testing).

For a quick recap the ACA reporting requirements and how your firm is effected, check out this January 16 th blog on the Sage Website. Then keep watching us for more information about the tools that are available to help you with your compliance.

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