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As you may have heard, Sage is changing the names of many of its ERP software products in an effort to align US branding with the European division, and to create a more consistent brand experience for its partners and customers. The functionality of the products themselves will not change except as normal with updates and upgrades. The name changes are aligned by products as follows:
New Name Old Name
Sage 50—U.S. Edition Sage Peachtree
Sage 100 Standard Sage MAS 90
Sage 100 Advanced Sage MAS 200
SaSage 100 Premium Sage MAS 200 SQL
Sage 300 ERP Sage ERP Accpac
Sage 500 ERP Sage ERP MAS 500
Sage HRMS Sage Abra SQL HRMS
Sage Fixed Assets Sage FAS Fixed Assets
How will this affect current Sage Users? Customers should have started seeing communications from Sage about the product name changes in early January, 2012. Information about Sage Summit, the annual conference for Sage customers and partners, with references to the new product names is now being released. As customers renew their Subscription, Maintenance, or Support Plans in the second half of 2012, they will begin to see the new names on their Plan Renewal Information. Beginning in October, 2012, customers will begin receiving products under the new names. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact your CS3 Technology representative toll free at 877-496-1600.

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