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A New Millennial in the Workforce Series: Ninety Days Later
Published on by Joshua Blaho in Blog Posts, CS3 Technology


Our newest employee at CS3, Joshua Blaho, is a millennial new to the world of desk jobs, so we asked him to write a weekly blog series about his experience.

Read the week 8 blog here.


It seems like yesterday when I started at CS3. Amazingly enough, I have been here for over ninety days. To have time fly by so quickly shows just how much I am enjoying my job. This has been a great opportunity.

However, I do have one problem. I’m scared to schedule my ninety-day performance review.

I know that it will go well, but there is that part of me that is over-critiquing myself. I know that we all do this. Maybe not to the extent that I am doing it, but there are those times that we regret something. I feel like those regrets will catch up to me.

On the other hand, I can see a greater variable on the other side of the equal sign. I can show my worth and value to Gary and Shawn. This would ensure a more secure position within the company, and I could potentially take on more responsibilities.

With that said, I will schedule my review. I need to do this for these reasons:


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