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A New Millennial in the Workforce Series: Me, Myself, and I
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Our newest employee at CS3, Joshua Blaho, is a millennial new to the world of desk jobs, so we asked him to write a weekly blog series about his experience. 

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Week 5: Me, Myself, and I

To say I’m a millennial categorizes me in a group of people that I share some common characteristics; however, to say all millennials are the same isolates us. Just like all groups of people, there are similarities, but that does not mean we are the same. This thought came to me after reading several articles and watching some YouTube videos. All of which talk about millennials as a whole.

Personally, I do not possess a sense of entitlement. Yes, some of my generation does suffer from this personality trait, but my upbringing forced me not to adhere to this quality. I do not and will not ever think I should possess something without putting in the effort. To say I love social media is a lie. I actually get sick of social media. I’m a non-traditional millennial because I only have a Facebook, and I don’t use it the same as others in my generation. I don’t take pictures of my food or dog. I don’t try to make my life more interesting than it is. I don’t share content. I mainly post sporadic random thoughts about science, goofy concepts, or interesting ideas.

On the other hand, I can be lazy at times. This is something I have heard people say about millennials, and I observe it in my peers as well. I love technology. I grew up alongside the technological advancements. I know many people in this generation who can say the same. I am a narcissist. At the CS3 company retreat, I said, “I’m my favorite superhero because I possess the power of awesome.” Plenty of my friends abide by the same characteristic.

In conclusion, I don’t think everyone sees millennials as the same. But the stereotypes are prevalent enough that I want to make sure everyone understands millennials are individuals. We can share some common traits with each other, yet we don’t all align with the conventional image. Below I have provided a link to a video as reference to what I am talking about. At the same time, you will grasp a great idea about this generation. I highly recommend you watch it.

Click here to watch Simon Sinek explain millennials.

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