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A Few Good Ideas from AR SHRM
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As a follow up to my blog on the Arkansas Human Resources Conference, here are a couple more ideas from JetBlue Airways Board of Directors member Anne Rhoades for Human Resources Departments. Ms. Rhoades has spent her career building what she calls “people-centric” organizations such as Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways and DoubleTree Hotels. Her book “Built on Values” was the basis for her presentation.

Annual Conversation vs. Annual Review – Make it a narrative, a conversation as opposed to the equivalent of an annual “medical exam”.

Employees Interviewing Applicants – Have your employees interview candidates they will be working with. They can often gauge day-to-day and cultural fit better that ownership.

Improve Client Satisfaction – Have each team member that engages with clients send a hand written letter to their most “difficult” client of each day.

Recognize Good and Great –Post the face of any employee doing something “great” as the first screen shot of the day for all workstations.

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