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SaaS - No More Hardware Baby!
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by: Scott Kroh


One of the more evident and valuable benefits of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model is the ability to deploy a new application without having to replace old hardware. Upgrading network infrastructure, servers, and workstations to meet the system requirements of a new software application can be costly.

In comparison, when a client chooses to deploy a SaaS solution, their application will reside in a data center environment comparable to what is available to a Fortune 500 company. The servers, network equipment, data backup, and disaster recovery planning will be beyond what most SaaS clients could accomplish with their own IT budgets.

This means availability to enterprise hardware and data backup for your application at a fraction of the cost through monthly payments.

Additionally, it lessens the time your IT department has to spend on hardware and server maintenance allowing them to spent their energies on technology projects that support their companies business initiatives.

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