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18 Service Pillars - #7 Make the Client Look Good
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by: Gary Crouch

A Standard is an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations. CS3’s 18 Service Pillars are the standards we use as our model to measure the quality of the services we provide our clients. While some of the Pillars are very specific, others are of a more general nature. Taken as a whole, they provide the parameters within which we operate assuring the customer’s needs are the focus, not the process of team dynamics, or the personality quirks of its members.

Make the Client Look Good Publicly recognize the contributions and successes of the client and their team. Always pass credit to those who have earned it.

The process of change is generally a difficult endeavor. By definition, this is moving the members of an organization from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Keep in mind the team member starts a project as the expert on the organization’s processes. Often during a project a culture or behavior must be de-constructed before it can be re-created into processes which provide the desired results. Changing these processes creates a learning curve for the team to overcome.

However, without context, systems application is useless. The customer’s process experts must provide input allowing the consultant to determine the correct solution for the project. Based on this realization, achieving success without the customer’s participation is virtually impossible. Thus, it is only reasonable that we practice making the customer look good. Showing public appreciation for the contributions of the customer’s team only serves to allow the team members to take ownership in the success of the effort. By harnessing this vesting by the customer team, the consultant greatly enhances not only the chances of success, but the enthusiastic accolades of the customer for your efforts.

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