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18 Service Pillars - #5 Stay Clear of Politics
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by: Gary Crouch

A Standard is an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations. CS3’s 18 Service Pillars are the standards we use as our model to measure the quality of the services we provide our clients. While some of the Pillars are very specific, others are of a more general nature. Taken as a whole, they provide the parameters within which we operate assuring the customer’s needs are the focus, not the process of team dynamics, or the personality quirks of its members.

Stay Clear of Politics – While you must, without question, know and understand the politics of the client’s situation, stay clear of getting involved. Do not get drawn in and choose a side.

Politics is the exercise of influence to modify another’s actions. We all possess a basic set of ideas, knowledge, opinions or beliefs. These belief systems, for lack of a different name, generally influence our decisions and actions. Often a person realizes others who hold the same belief system may have similar goals and objectives and act accordingly in specific situations. This results in either finding “like-minded” associates, or trying to influence others to obtain the same belief systems and thus achieve specific results. The key word here is Influence. In and of its self, it is not a bad word or concept. Great causes have been achieved through influential changes of peoples’ beliefs. Used inappropriately, however, influence may be manipulative or used to benefit some over others detriment.

In the commercial arena, there is no single right or wrong goal, strategy or objective. Spreading one’s set of beliefs in their work environment, when accepted, may result in more effective results. Unfortunately, there are often others within the employer organization who hold very different or even opposing beliefs. Our assignment as consultants is to achieve the objectives of the client organization as exhibited during the sales cycle. Our authority to effect change is granted by the project’s Executive Sponsor within the organization. Unless, or until, the Executive Sponsor agrees otherwise, changing our strategies to meet the stated objectives should be avoided regardless of the opposition we may face. Various participants in the project may disagree with the process, the strategy being used or even the objectives set before the project team.

Of course, we are not to go blindly into any situation. We should listen to valid concerns and make sure differing opinions are objectively considered during any implementation. But, these considerations are always measured against the agreed to objectives. When it is evident objections are raised based on personality conflicts or kingdom building that our efforts should remain focused on achieving the assigned objectives.

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