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18 Service Pillars - #2 Exhibit Professionalism at All Times
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By: Gary Crouch, President CS3 Technology

A Standard is an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations. CS3’s 18 Service Pillars are the standards we use as our model to measure the quality of the services we provide our clients. While some of the Pillars are very specific, others are of a more general nature. Taken as a whole, they provide the parameters within which we operate assuring the customer’s needs are the focus, not the process of team dynamics, or the personality quirks of its members.

Exhibit Professionalism at All Times Conduct every action and communication with absolute professionalism. Bring a sense of calmness and assurance during times of stress for your client. Continuously work on improving your skills and knowledge. Maintain an impeccable character.

Professionalism speaks to the conduct of a person in a setting where one person has the preponderance of knowledge and experience. Especially when another is seeking advice, the “professional” acts with grace and compassion to assist the seeker with their query. Someone acting in a non-professional way may take advantage of the seeker. Using their advantage to swindle, sway or manipulate the person seeking advice.

My feeling is that true leadership is exhibited when a person is able to find a solution in spite of the chaos and noise that surrounds them in a crisis. Unfortunately, exhibiting confidence and calm can be miss-construed as indifference. Often a customer may panic not seeing a solution to the problem at hand where upon the consultant must exhibit the strength of his or her knowledge and experience. The great consultant calms the situation by assuring the customer first, there are options; and secondly, that together, you will discover the best option.

Whether or not the consultant has seen the exact problem or even a similar problem in the past, he will relate the fact that his experience allows him to discover, analyze and be creative in providing the customer with the most appropriate options the customer may pursue. While the consultant may not always have the final solution, she will share her knowledge and experience to the extent necessary so she can guide the customer toward the best available options for the situation.

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