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18 Service Pillars - #1 Be Authentic
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by: Gary Crouch

Gary will be sharing his thoughts each month regarding our 18 Service Pillars.  As you know, since the development of the standards by Ed Kless and the refinement by Shawn Slavin, CS3 has embraced them as “page 2” of our Mission and Vision Statement.  All firms “claim to have the best staff”.  However, CS3 is unique in defining precisely what the “best staff” and quality service looks like. 


A Standard is an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations. CS3’s 18 Service Pillars are the standards we use as our model to measure the quality of the services we provide our clients.  While some of the Pillars are very specific, others are of a more general nature.  Taken as a whole, they provide the parameters within which we operate assuring the customer’s needs are the focus, not the process of team dynamics, or the personality quirks of its members.


Be Authentic – Authentic behavior is the most powerful quality we have as consultants. Authenticity is about undisputed credibility when you articulate what you are experiencing. In other words, you express the emotions you feel without being emotional.



Being Authentic speaks to the need for honesty, integrity and respect in every relationship. Every project or support interaction is based on agreement.  Customers expect solutions in a specific time frame and agree to pay a fair price.  Consultants agree to deliver specific criteria under detailed circumstances at a fair fee.


However, life is never perfect and things happen contrary to our desires.  Whatever the obstacle, we strive to be flexible and creatively find the next best solution.  Holding out for unrealistic expectations or placing blame does not solve anything.  Hiding problems only delays the inevitable.  Understanding the new parameters and finding the best solution, jointly, serves everyone’s best interest.  By being flexible, but realistic we have the best chance of preserving the trust we have with our customers for the long term.


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