“Stability does not happen by chance, it begins with a clearly defined plan”


– Gary Crouch,

CS3 President

CS3 Blueprint

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Your CS3 Blueprint will provide detailed scoping for your large projects. This detailed analysis will accurately determine your needs and eliminate the risk of investing time and money on the wrong solution.

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The Process


Through interviews with leadership we will better understand the vision your organization is striving to attain.  Additionally, we will document the current progress toward your defined objectives.  Finally, a review of the desired changes your team has identified will be captured.


During diagnosis we will observe your organization at work.  The observation of your specific processes will allow us to document any gaps, bottlenecks or ineffectiveness we find.  The needs of your staff will be noted and compared to the objectives of management for proper alignment.


Our professional staff will tailor a selection of specific solutions which most efficiently meet your precise needs.  The solution may include new systems allowing process automation, realignment of personnel and skill sets, and/or creation of new or modification of current processes.  The design will combine the best cost to benefit ratio with the least amount of risk in achieving your objectives.


CS3 will provide a written report detailing the findings from the research we have conducted.  The report will detail

• the current vision and objectives,

• how effectively the current systems and processes are  achieving stated  objectives, and,

• the recommendations for improving the efforts of your organization in achieving your vision.

The written report will provide the information required to guide your efforts in implementing the changes necessary to realize the desired success.


We will provide an estimation of the dollar value to implement each major recommendation as appropriate..  This financial impact of solving your key issues compared to the investment of implementing the solutions will demonstrate whether an acceptable return on investment is achievable.

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