Webinar: 5 Golden Levers for Managing Costs

in the Healthcare Industry


Managing costs is a basic requirement for any business.  Gone are the days of billing a practices’ way out of poor financial decisions.  With the winds-of-change blowing in the industry including Value-Based Contracting, practices must begin to monitor the cost of doing business. We will discuss managing costs by aligning them with the way practices are compensated.  We will determine what it costs us to deliver a service to a patient and determine which costs we can impact readily and which are more difficult to change.


During this 45-minute webinar, Shawn Slavin, a CPA and active member of MGMA, will address your key issues to help you bring more profit to your bottom line through effective cost management.


Who should attend:

- CFO/Controllers

- Practice Managers

- Principles/Owners


October 9th

10:30 – 11:30  AM Central Time


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Shawn Slavin – Speaker Bio


Shawn Slavin, Cost Crusader and Defender of Profits, is currently VP of Consulting Services for CS3 Technology.  Shawn’s extensive experience in the healthcare industry includes over 25 years in Public Accounting and Business Consulting, working with customers throughout the central US.  He is a founding partner with CS3 Technology and the designer of Stat-Connect™ a financial software tool designed to provide Practice Managers analytical business information.  He works closely with his healthcare clients including general practitioners, optometrists, nursing homes and behavioral health agencies providing accounting software services and general business consulting.



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