Sage Business Partner Suggests Methodology For Selecting New Software Support Partner In Wake of MIS Group Closure


Tulsa, OK – July 9, 2009 – CS3 Technology (CS3), a leading professional services firm offering accounting, ERP and HRMS applications to businesses in the Southwest, has developed a white paper which discusses best practices in selecting a consulting firm to assist companies with the implementation and use of their business critical applications.


This past week many Sage software users were faced with the closure of the MIS Group in Dallas, TX. Sage had named the MIS Group Reseller of the Year for 2007 and 2008. Thousands of organizations relied on the MIS Group for implementation, training and support assistance for their Sage accounting and HR management systems. Sage software has contacted MIS Sage clients and is offering 30 days of telephone support.


Gary Crouch, President of CS3 Technology stated “MIS clients are left searching for new relationships. If the client is in the middle of an implementation, they need immediate assistance which Sage will not be able to provide. However, engaging the wrong value added reseller (VAR) can be very costly to the organization.”


CS3 Technology is available to help in two ways. First, if a company is in the middle of an implementation we can either assist with the completion of the project, or help find other consulting firms who can. Vice President of Consulting, Shawn Slavin offered “We are focusing on the MAS 90, MAS 200 and MAS 500 ERP solutions for accounting. We are glad to discuss these types of projects with MIS clients and determine if we are a good fit. If not, we can assist with finding the right organization. We also have one of the top Abra consulting teams in the country.”


Second, clients who are not in the middle of an implementation project should not feel pressured to sign with another VAR immediately. According to Crouch, “Focus is the key to great service. By focusing on the needs of a specific group of clients, we can better serve them with insights and best practices in addition to understand ing the tools they are utilizing in their businesses.”


For Sage users in either situation, CS3 has a free white paper which details the selection process which an organization should use to select the best consulting firm for their needs. Selecting the Correct Support Part ner points out the issues an organization should review to make sure the new partner has the experience that matches their needs. Each organization seeking to form a relationship with CS3 is asked to go through an on-boarding process. Slavin described the way in which CS3 approaches a new client, “We always want to understand the client’s needs and complete a business needs analysis with their staff. Our first priority is to understand what the client expects; what defines the success of our relationship. If we are confident we can meet the standards the client has set, that is what we drive toward.”


The free white paper may be obtained at or at If your organization would like to discuss utilizing CS3’s services with your MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, FAS or Abra Suite systems, please call Judy Stanfield at (877) 496-1600 x215.


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