CS3 Technology Hires Mary Anne Giezentanner as Senior HR Consultant

Giezentanner will focus on helping CS3’s HR clients with implementation, training and support allowing them to capitalize on their technology tools.

Tulsa, OK – March 16, 2015 – CS3 Technology is pleased to welcome Mary Anne Giezentanner to the consulting team.

“Mary Anne brings a lot of HR and HRMS knowledge to the table. She really rounds out the team with her smart business process knowledge and practices,” said Brandi Clymer, HR Consulting Manager. “She has a deeper knowledge on the HR side than anyone else on the team. This is proven by the SPHR certification, and allows us to service the client even better.”

Giezentanner certainly has a diverse education background, and has attended both Texas Wesleyan and the University of North Texas. She earned her undergraduate degrees in music and education, before heading back to school for HR management. Currently, she is working towards her masters of HR management at Concordia University. Giezentanner describes herself as a chronic student, and never very far from a classroom. When she isn’t hitting the books, she spends a lot of time keeping up to date with the tech world on her computer, as well as watching Survivor.

Transitioning from education to HR was almost a happy accident, and allowed her to combine the leadership skills of teaching with her love of tech. It was her first HR job that prompted the HR management degree, and she has been hooked ever since.

When asked why she wanted to work for CS3, Giezentanner said, “Ultimately CS3 exhibited a strong sense of value.” Whether it was valuing and understanding the customer and their time or valuing people in general - coworkers or customers – and that was a huge factor in deciding where she wanted to work. “The company I’m working for should share my views and beliefs,” she stated.

Mary Anne is a resident of Arlington, Texas with her husband Brad and son Jerry, and doesn’t see herself moving anytime soon. Brad works at WinSystems as a mechanical engineering technician. She is excited to join the growing group of Dallas employees. CS3 is another interesting twist in her career, transitioning Giezentanner from an HR administrator at WinSystems to delivering services to HR people.

When she came into HR leadership at WinSystems, the department didn’t yet have technology solutions in place. She brought tech into the department and there began working with CS3. It was then when she was able to combine the enjoyment of working with and supporting people as they learned the necessary tech skills. “I was able to make it usable and accessible from both ends,” Giezentanner stated. “Coming to this role and being able to see it from both sides after having been in the customer’s shoes… It’s an exciting combination.”

About CS3 Technology

CS3 Technology exists to bring technology solutions into the business world, while exceeding customer expectations through increased effectiveness and profitability. For over 20 years CS3 has helped a variety of businesses across industries with our expertise in business software projects. The mix of an award-winning team, exceptional skills and top-rated accounting and human resource software allows us to extend Protection Pricing with a Confidence Contract to our customers.

Our 18 Services Pillars clearly define the standards our consultants apply to each step of an engagement.

These 18 Service Pillars include valuable guidelines such as: Show Up Ready to Work, Focus on Delivering Value and Look for Improvements. As a long-term business partner, our consultants become an extension of our customer’s organizations, helping them meet their management, production and revenue goals.

“A software solution is only as good as the implementation team. CS3 Technology is led by a tremendously talented team backed up by a fiercely dedicated staff. Our highly experienced strategic thinkers transfer their knowledge to your team guaranteeing a flawless execution of your vision,” said Gary Crouch, President.

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