CS3 Technology Hires Cathey Pangborn as HRMS Business Consultant

Cathey’s efforts will be helping CS3’s HRMS clients with implementation, training and support allowing them to capitalize on their technology tools.

Tulsa, OK – February 6, 2015 – CS3 Technology is pleased to welcome Cathey Pangborn, as a Senior HRMS Consultant. Cathey will be responsible for implementation and support of the CS3 HRMS and Payroll product offerings including Sage  HRMS and Sage Abra.

“Cathey has been a valuable resource for CS3 for the past eight years as a contracted consultant, “ said Brandi Clymer, HR Consulting Manager. “I have worked with many business consultants over the years and rank Cathey as first-class. We have been pursuing Cathey to come onboard as full-fledged employee for a couple of years now and are so happy that the stars finally aligned.”

Cathey has been supporting the Sage Abra product line and HR clients since the 1990’s. She worked for a firm that represented both Abra and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software called Goldmine. She sold and implemented of both products. When she had the opportunity to narrow her focus, she decided to focus on implementations rather that sales. Selecting Abra as her preferred product was an easy choice. She had prior experience in the recruiting industry and always enjoyed working with HR and Payroll professionals.

In 2007 CS3 Technology acquired the firm and associated Sage Abra clients where Cathey was employed.
She elected to work with CS3 as a contractor since her children were small and it afforded her a more flexible schedule.

“I am at a point in my career and my personal life that making a full time commitment is the right thing to do,” said Pangborn. “Having worked with CS3 for the last eight years, I know they are an organization that supports and invests in their team members. I really appreciate the collaborative culture encouraged by CS3 which made this an easy decision about where I would land as a full time employee.”

Cathey was born and raised in Newark, Ohio, a quaint town of 50,000 where she now lives with her son, daughter, husband and two dogs. Cathey will continue to work as remote employee of CS3. “I am ready to officially be part of a larger entity. I have been an island as a contractor with my two dogs as my co-workers,” laughed Cathey. “I am looking forward to my continued relationship with all my CS3 clients and the possibility of working with other CS3 product offerings.”

About CS3 Technology

CS3 Technology exists to bring technology solutions into the business world, while exceeding customer expectations through increased effectiveness and profitability. For over 20 years CS3 has helped a variety of businesses across industries with our expertise in business software projects. The mix of an award-winning team, exceptional skills and top-rated accounting and human resource software allows us to extend Protection Pricing with a Confidence Contract to our customers.

Our 18 Services Pillars clearly define the standards our consultants apply to each step of an engagement. These 18 Service Pillars include valuable guidelines such as: Show Up Ready to Work, Focus on Delivering Value and Look for Improvements. As a long-term business partner, our consultants become an extension of our customer’s organizations, helping them meet their management, production and revenue goals.

“A software solution is only as good as the implementation team. CS3 Technology is led by a tremendously talented team backed up by a fiercely dedicated staff. Our highly experienced strategic thinkers transfer their knowledge to your team guaranteeing a flawless execution of your vision,” said Gary Crouch, President.

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