Let’s Pull it All Together

Integration Module

No software system operate in a vacuum. Many firms have very specific software that drive crucial components of their business like Point of Sale, Field Service or Restaurant Management.  Marrying this operational software with Award Winning Financial and Payroll tools allow each major business function within your operation to drive your business profitability.

Get Rid of the Paper

Document and Workflow Management Module

It is not just electronic filing, but managing the work flow in all your approval processes.  Capture documents in many different ways, then process and store them together. Dynamically route documents for review and approval to the right people at the right time.

Capture documents internally and externally

Workflow processes that provide control and approval of documents

Route, capture, transform and deliver printed and digital documents

Managing the Spend

Management of expenditures inside an organization can be totally controlled with three prong tool set:  Annual Budget, ongoing Requisition Management and Purchase Order Processing.

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Managing your Assets

Fixed Assets Module

The Fixed Assets Module gives you the flexibility to manage the entire fixed asset lifecycle—from acquisition to transfers and disposals.. And with advanced fixed asset accounting and reporting features, Sage Fixed Assets can help you prepare your year-end financials, allocate costs, calculate depreciation, eliminate redundant data entry, and store digital images of key asset records such as purchase orders, warranty information, and insurance records. You may already know how critical it is to maintain an accurate inventory of your fixed assets; without it, little can ensure the accuracy and reliability of your fixed asset accounting. However, the task of managing a physical inventory of fixed assets can seem daunting, and that’s where Sage Fixed Assets—Tracking can help with barcoding and automated scanning at inventory time.

Pay the bills

Accounts Payable Module

Streamline vendor payments using the processes you've already developed for your business. Maintain flexible payment and expense allocation functionality. And ensure stringent vendor payment and approval processes.

Collect the Money

Accounts Receivable Module

Accelerate collections and reduce days sales outstanding! The Accounts Receivable Module quickly and easily accumulates and presents the information you need for effective cash management in an intuitive format. Streamline how you manage your customers who have corporate and branch accounts utilizing powerful National Accounts features,  Powerful, yet simple to use, Accounts Receivable has streamlined and flexible cash management capabilities with multiple key reports. Accounts Receivable tracks receivables, plans cash flow, and provides extensive information and reporting features to give you vital business insights to plan for the future. The powerful invoicing function allows you to prepare invoices and billings from within the system and automatically prepares customer statements on demand.

Let’s Pay Our Team

Payroll, Time Collection and HR Modules

The best way for a company to increase competiveness is to invest in its employees.  The right people make all the difference.  The HRMS Module’s centralized database contains all the present and historic information about active and non-active employees of the organization. HRMS software is your single source for flawless payroll processing, employee administration, registration, analysis, employee life-cycle management, and all other crucial employee-related information. The benefit? High accuracy and reliability of your data translates into high efficiency for your organization.

Summing it all Up

General Ledger Module

The General Ledger module supports multiple entities, multiple books for different accounting treatments, multiple currencies, and robust allocations—all optimized for real-time, high performance and maximum efficiency.  In addition to the standard General Ledger reports, you have the ability to create financial statements such as Income Statements, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet,  and Trend reports. All financial reports are created and modified through an easy-to-use wizard so you can simply select formatting options to create a report specific to your business needs.

It’s Crystal Clear:  Dashboards and Scorecards

Right information! Right now!

That is the pinnacle of all business software solutions,   Business intelligence can bring visibility into the organization at granular levels and help link different aspects together.  Our reporting tools provides many methods to access data – pick the one that make the most sense for the task at hand:

A Smoke Detector for your Business

Alerts and Workflow

Every organization has critical information and transactions that need monitoring. A prospect who has not been followed up with, a contract that is about to expire, a pricing error.  Alerts and Workflow, monitors all your business data. Providing every organization with much-needed exception management, Alerts and Workflow identifies and responds to conditions that fall outside of an organization’s standard operating procedures and enables organizations to avoid saying, “If only we had known.”

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