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Published on Tuesday July 19, 2016 by Tina Crouch
I was very excited about my two week vacation this year - I got to go back to Europe. Specifically, London, Florence, and Rome. Going back to London was just a bit like going back home, after livi..

Published on Wednesday June 29, 2016 by Jessica Morency
The new Department of Labor overtime rules not only require employers to review their employees for exempt status changes, but as a result of that, they will also need to do an immediate and compr..

Published on Tuesday June 28, 2016 by Queen of Fun
Chris has been diligently working for the past 6 months on a process to improve our customer experience and move each one of them to the “Raving Fan” category. To that end, she has developed..

Published on Monday June 27, 2016 by John Burke
Jessica Morency and I attended Sage Sales Academy on June 14th to 16th in Atlanta. I’ve attended four sales training programs like this in my career but the last one was in 2006. This was the most..

Published on Monday June 27, 2016 by Jessica Morency
Going to the bottom of the lake is a reference to the epic poem, Beowolf, where he had to face his fears and slay the monster Grendel that had been terrorizing the village and then go even deeper ..

Published on Friday June 3, 2016 by Scott Kroh
At this month’s meeting of the Tulsa Chapter of the IMA Institute of Managerial Accountants the guest speaker was Olen L. Greer, Ph.D.,CMA. Dr. Greer is a Professor of Accountancy in the Scho..

Published on Thursday June 2, 2016 by Christine Luttrell
In my last blog, I introduced you to a speaker I had the distinct pleasure of meeting at a Texas SHRM meeting, Aliana Apodaca with Positive Directions Co. She spoke a lot about organizational life..

Published on Wednesday June 1, 2016 by Christine Luttrell
At my most recent Texas SHRM state council meeting in El Paso earlier this month, I had the pleasure of learning from a remarkable, enthusiastic, full of life woman named Aliana Apodaca..

Published on Wednesday June 1, 2016 by Scott Kroh
This month’s meeting of the Tulsa Chapter of the MGMA Medical Group Management Association featured guest speaker Jesse Millan, Chief of Security at Hillcrest Medical Center. Mr. Millan’s..

Published on Friday May 20, 2016 by Holly Novak
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) published colossal changes to the overtime rule that will make approximately over 4 million currently exempt employees eligible for overtime pay later this year!..

Published on Friday May 20, 2016 by Sheri Blaho
My monthly AMA meeting was wonderful as usual. Karl Sakas spoke to us about how to help our clients and our firms by simply providing them choices. When you enter into a conversation with a cli..

Published on Friday May 20, 2016 by Christine Luttrell
Did you know that second only to email, Excel is the most widely used tool each and every day by the business user community? In fact, with over 500 million users, Excel is the number one repor..

Published on Friday May 20, 2016 by John Burke
The State of Arkansas HR Professionals, the eight Local Chapters, the six Student Chapters, and the Arkansas HR State Council are committed to continued professional education, training, and devel..

Published on Friday May 20, 2016 by Sheri Blaho
I have had the privilege of working for Gary Crouch and Shawn Slavin for the past 10 years. Part of the continual improvement process at CS3 are company-wide assigned reading assignments. Our m..

Published on Wednesday May 4, 2016 by Sheri Blaho
The April Tulsa Chapter AMA meeting was wonderful as usual. Danny Maloney of Tailwind ( was the guest speaker. His firm focuses on visual marketing. So they leverage soc..

Published on Tuesday May 3, 2016 by Brandi Clymer
I recently did a CS3 SmartTalks webinar on HR Actions and it made me take a step back and think about a lot of things. Most of all: why would I use HR Actions instead of paper forms? Here are my t..

Published on Tuesday May 3, 2016 by Christine Luttrell
Tina is a relative “newbie” to the business world as compared to the majority of us at CS3. With her generation comes a different, yet powerful perspective on sharing knowledge, ideas, ..

Published on Tuesday May 3, 2016 by Linda Hollingsworth
Migrating to new technologies can be difficult. At CS3, an essential part of our role is to help our clients successfully make the transition to a new release of product. We identify product chang..

Published on Monday May 2, 2016 by John Burke
CS3 was an exhibitor at the Oklahoma Human Resources State Conference and Expo ( on April 26-28, 2016. The conference was held in the convention center at the Hard R..

Published on Friday April 29, 2016 by Nicole Shannon
One of the key issues we wanted to solve through the implementation of a new human resources software package was a better way to automate our performance review process. In a word, it was “painfu..





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