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Published on Friday September 20, 2013 by CS3 Technology
I just attended my monthly meeting of the American Marketing Association ( ), Tulsa Chapter. Every month our local chapter invites a guest speaker that shares great information..

Published on Wednesday August 28, 2013 by CS3 Technology
CS3 Technology has 18 Service Pillars that are used to guide and measure the quality of consulting for each engagement. We have initiated a monthly recognition program for exemplary performance by an ..

Published on Saturday June 29, 2013 by CS3 Technology
Corporate and Individual Wellness Over the past few years we have seen an increase in companies adding some type of wellness plan to their corporate policies. Companies want their employees to be heal..

Published on Tuesday June 11, 2013 by CS3 Technology
Although I am biased, I must say CS3 Technology is not just another service provider looking to make a buck. In our stated core values, we portray a sense of balance and fairness to all of those we im..

Published on Friday May 10, 2013 by CS3 Technology
Employees of CS3 have been long standing attendees and supporters of the Oklahoma Human Resources State Conference. Each year HR professionals from across the state gather for a three day educational ..

Published on Thursday May 2, 2013 by CS3 Technology
I have been attending the Barry Rhein "Selling Through Curiosity" workshop over the past few weeks. I highly recommend this training for your sales and marketing team. The basic philosophy of his teac..

Published on Tuesday April 23, 2013 by CS3 Technology
April's Behavior is "Never Leave the Client Guessing." Call to confirm every appointment. Arrive before your appointedtime and debrief when leaving. Never leave without an acknow..

Published on Wednesday April 3, 2013 by CS3 Technology
Partnering with the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure, CS3 Technology furthers their commitment to community involvement. CS3 Technology is pleased to announce their participation in the Am..

Published on Tuesday March 12, 2013 by CS3 Technology
To help further the CITP distinction, the AICPA is naming CITP Champions by state to help further their reach. Tulsa, OK – March 4, 2013 – CS3 Technology is pleased to announce that Gary Crouch, CPA, ..

Published on Wednesday February 20, 2013 by CS3 Technology
CS3 fights more than just accounting and payroll software issues! CS3 Technology will again be participating in the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure. Tour de Cure is more than just a cycling..

Published on Thursday January 24, 2013 by CS3 Technology
Congratulations to Wen Price, Payroll-HRIS Manager of Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (applause, applause, applause, applause) Here is what was submitted with Wen’s nomination: D..

Published on Thursday January 24, 2013 by CS3 Technology
January's Service Pillar is "Protect Your Integrity" Be truthful, even when the message is hard for your client to hear. Be reliable. If you are unable to meet a commitment, communicate that quickly. ..

Published on Tuesday January 15, 2013 by CS3 Technology
[caption id="attachment_1880" align="alignnone" width="300"] Order From Chaos[/caption] Last week, we met with our client, Community Action Project of Tulsa County, to review two recently completed ..

Published on Tuesday December 18, 2012 by CS3 Technology
December's Service Pillar is "Look for Improvements" Your relationship is based on trust and your ability to find and create solutions. Help your client identify needs they might not be aware of b..

Published on Tuesday December 18, 2012 by CS3 Technology
Congratulations to Linda Helms, SR. HR Specialist with Southwest Power Pool (applause, applause, applause, applause) The Service Pillar “Show up Ready for Work” is a great one. So many peopl..

Published on Tuesday November 27, 2012 by CS3 Technology
Annual Toys for Tots participation creates community, benefits Toys for Tots and honors Corporal Toothman Tulsa, OK – November 16, 2012 – CS3 Technology, a professional knowledge firm specializing in ..

Published on Tuesday August 21, 2012 by CS3 Technology
New software implementations aren't fun, just ask the team at Colby-Sawyer College located in New London, New Hampshire. With the help of the CS3 project team, this project was a great success, bringi..

Published on Tuesday August 21, 2012 by CS3 Technology
Consider this. It is Monday morning. You get to the office early, ready to start the day. As soon as you sit down at your desk, the phone rings. Mary calls in to say she is going to be out sick today...

Published on Tuesday August 7, 2012 by CS3 Technology
Customers expect to be billed for expenses, but be sure to do it carefully. For travel, always seek the most cost effective alternative. For meals, eat as you would at home. Share cabs if possible, an..

Published on Wednesday July 18, 2012 by CS3 Technology
Congratulations to Patti Pruitt, Financial Equipment Co., Inc. (applause, applause, applause, applause Here is what was submitted with Patti's nomination: Financial Equipment Company recently impl..

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